The Versatility of Silver Wedding Cakes

white silver wedding cakes with orchids

Silver wedding cakes of your option may be the smartest move you can do if you are aiming at a wedding that is unique as it is ceremonious. Although the cake itself might not appear as delicious as it should be, the silver tone can be emphasized through the use of silvery decorations gracing it. Said decorations can take shape of anything from small confectionaries or other.

The silver wedding cakes can add more weights to a wedding party whose tone is centered on simplicity, urban, and minimalistic. You know, the kinds of wedding that stay away from all the things complicated and over-decoration. The silver wedding cakes can also be used to commemorate a 25th anniversary. The color largely symbolizes the span of 25 years of a marriage one has. So, suffice to say that a wedding cake designed to be silver in color can be a great addition to the scene.


Silver Wedding Cakes Designs

white and silver wedding cakes The Versatility of Silver Wedding Cakes

White and Silver Wedding Cakes

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Gallery of The Versatility of Silver Wedding Cakes

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